Trend Tracking

  • Across Conversations & Sentiment Analysis

    Our sector specific NLP, aggregate conversation page, and automatic sector groupings are configurable by clients in order to provide the highest level of accuracy and relevancy.

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  • Across Key Topics

    We use custom topic analysis and keyword natural language processing to identify topics and conversational sentiment in each post, comment, retweet, news post or mention regarding any particular key topics essential to track for our clients.

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Marketing Campaign Tracking

  • Optimization Pre & Post-Launch

    We track all publicly available posts along with posts from your own Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

  • Ongoing Campaign Analysis

    Our analysis tools make it easy to gain insights about your own or competitors’ specific pieces of creative.

    Leveraging consumer insights and social data can enable you to make better, faster business decisions across a variety of use cases


Brand Protection & Monitoring

Before the Crisis

Our alert system can notify you of crises and reveal the upcoming potential and long-term effects of any crisis over time.

  • During The Crisis

    Signal combines media monitoring with news and a rich understanding of the entire crisis across a vast number of metrics to provide our clients with a full picture of the impact of a crisis.

    media monitoring
  • Ongoing Monitoring

    Continuously keeping tabs on overall brand sentiment and knowing exactly what inspired positive and negative sentiment throughout a crisis can help to execute the appropriate remedial efforts and plan an effective management plan for future crises. Using the Signal platform’s Sentiment feature, clients are able to discover what inspired positive and negative sentiment surrounding any crisis and easily glean possible improvements to crisis management strategy.

    Read more in this case study about cruise line crises.

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Audience Analysis

Build the Complete Picture

Signal enables you to paint a detailed portrait of your audience with demographic, psychographic, and media consumption insights.

  • Understand

    Discern what makes your audience tick and glean insights into behavioral patterns and opinions. Learn what brands they buy regularly, TV shows they’ve watched in the past 90 days, beliefs they hold, and more. 

    Tesla example #2
  • Engage

    Know where, when, and how to engage your target audience. Customize your message for various demographic/psychographic segments, then deliver it on the mediums they frequent most - when they most want to listen.

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