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The Connectivity Factor

Leverage the overlapping audience between two shows to predict demand toward content, talent & themes

  • Why is connective tissue so important? And what is it made up of?

    Understanding the connective tissue between two entities allows you to extrapolate how compelling entity X will be for any “target” audience of entity Y.

    1. Overall Appetite Score of either entity can be measured.
    2. Connectivity can also give us the age & gender breakdown of the overlapping audiences.
    3. Strength of Online Affinities, meaning how often audiences of X interacts with entity Y online
    4. Emotional sentiment toward either entity can also be measured

What can you do with this information?

Understanding the connective factor can help in several use-cases:

Content buy

Which content to buy based on on a list of ”most watched tv shows” and the connectivity between that list and potential acquisitions

Target audiences

Which shows to develop based on a set of genre-characteristics that hyper-target a particular audience


Which actors to cast based on their connectivity to the existing audience of any show or movie


Which shows or movies from your catalogue to reboot or revisit that would appeal most to a specific audience

Announcing our newest metric

Social Buzz

Social Buzz Metric: an aggregate score of digital popularity and social engagement across social media channels. Social engagement is measurement of all relevant activity across social media channels in comparison to competition when available, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

YouGov Direct

In App Surveys

Now clients can instantly run a fast turnaround survey on anything we track for them by clicking one button in the YouGov Signal app. We're still testing this one, so it's free for now!

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YouGov & YouGov Signal

Linking YouGov Survey Data to YouGov Signal

YouGov Signal has recently developed an exciting and cutting edge way to link online and social data to existing YouGov survey data. Clients like Amazon Prime Originals have run custom surveys to utilize this tool and YouGov Signal has been able to successfully link client delineated segments to online behavioural data. With this tool, Clients have the ability to track the online opinions toward their own products of particular segments of customers (all while remaining GDPR complaint), and simultaneously leverage this data to learn even more about what consumers think and feel about them. This powerful dataset is the future of social data profiling, and the byproduct of YouGov’s innovative connected cube.


The output of this innovative project would allow any client to look at overlapping customer behaviour and identify custom segments to call out where learnings can be found. For example, a client could identify a segment of who have described a need for their product using in a YouGov survey and using this tool, the client could then further uncover learnings about this segment’s online engagement and/or opinions toward anything they wish to know more about. Having identified a ‘filter’ for this particular segment, YouGov Signal could also be used to track their sentiment toward the client through time as they target this segment through various online promotions.

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