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Distinct Features

Monitor the Popularity + Performance of Political Entities

Track popularity, public interest, and attitude surrounding any political entity with multiplatform metrics across 40+ geographies. With daily updates, use YouGov Signal data to understand the political landscape, check event impact and conduct dynamic benchmarking against competitors.

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  • Explore Public Opinion Across the Internet

    Our extensive metrics allow you to gauge audience attitude and activity surrounding politicians, campaigns, and more.

    Historical and current data helps you gain understanding of the political and relevant industry landscapes both past and present

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  • Your Online Audience. Defined.

    YouGov Signal defines the online audiences of your candidate, party, and more. Use our demographic data to forecast public reaction to events and gauge efficacy of planned strategies.

    Political - Demographic/Sentiment
  • Public Feeling on the Daily

    With an accuracy rate of 93% we provide sentiment that isn’t B.S.

    Public feeling changes everyday. YouGov Signal tags all online conversation with sentiment, emotion, and topics so you can:

    • Understand the general feeling surrounding an entity.
    • Identify positive and negative sentiment driversamongst audiences.
    • Measure sentiment shifts against competitors.
    • Track sentiment around tentpole events.
    • More.
    Kamala Harris - Sentiment
  • Audience Targeting

    We also enable you to better understand specific audiences and how to reach them. Use YouGov Signal Affinities to stay informed on which social platforms, brands, and other entities are most liked by audiences.

    Politicians - Brand Affinities
  • Comprehensive Performance of Your Party

    Take a step back from granular analysis and evaluate the overall performance of entire political parties or other relevant organizations.

    Politics - Chatter Impact
  • News Tracking

    Filter news surrounding entities by shares, relevance, and more. Find out what's spreading like fire across the web and what may be getting the most views.

    News - Politics
  • Refine Your Messaging and Ad Spend

    In-depth engagement and sentiment reaction analysis of social media content to identify themes that resonate strongest and which ads deserve the most spend.

    Politics - Posts
  • Understand the Landscape

    You can easily use the YouGov Signal platform to identify trends across industries, sectors, and unique audiences. To see how our insights can be leveraged, check out our 2018 TV Insights Report

    2018 TV Insights Cover

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