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Diagnostic Digital Analytics

We track engagement metrics across every piece of data across all major social platforms on a real time basis, including:

Baseline Metrics


Search volume by country, associated search terms, trending topics


Tweets, comments, replies, shares, users, hashtags


Posts, views, comments, shares, likes


Videos, views, comments, engagements


Posts, views, comments, likes, hashtags


Count and text of articles


Page views by country

Geo Data

Geographic and DMA Search Index Data

Demographic & Psychographic Data

Audience insights to build the complete picture

Industry Specific


IMDB’s daily “moviemeter". A worldwide rank specific only to Movie & Television titles.

Torrent Data

The number of copies of content of a specific title or number of people seeding a title, which have been illegally downloaded on a given day, specific only to Movie & Television titles.

TV Ratings

Nielsen ratings, specific to TV titles only.

Product Reviews

Volume, comments, learning more about what do people think of specific products.


Volume, comments learning more about reviews of locations, hotels & more


Thread count & thread topics to learn more about how people are commenting and responding

Industry Forums

Industry specific blogs and forums to dive deeper into sub-cultural analysis to see what people are saying and how they are responding to certain trends.


Data sources are customizable to fit your needs!


Data-Proven Results

We automatically ingest, clean, and display all of your social media metrics on our easy-to-use platform while we distill key insights around overall engagement, opinion and market efficacy of the online presence of your brand.

Real-Time Digital Health + Reputation Analysis

Instantly understand what real people are thinking and feeling about branded content.

Track key stakeholders and target undiscovered brand ambassadors

Track keywords and sector specific topics to show effectiveness and influence of your creative services

Real-Time Competitor Analysis + Industry Benchmarking

Forecast online behavior using historical data

custom models

NLP Models Trained for the Entertainment Sector

We train our sentiment, emotion, and topic models to each industry and sector, such that sector of industry-specific context is taken into account, and the topics found are sector-relevant. Words and phrases like "this movie is sick" would traditionally trigger a negative sentiment, however, our tool is pre-trained to understand slang words like this are actually positive, especially in the context of a film or tv show.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 2.43.39 PM.png
custom models

Brand Sector Specific NLP

In the image below, you can see custom topic analysis for three different industries: automotive, financial and sports. Each sector is analyzed individually to determine what keywords and topics are most relevant to them.


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