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For Television Shows

Track appetite and impact of episodes airing in relation to 36 different metrics across 40+ geographies. Sync historical and contemporary shows by Airing Start Date and compare shows against industry standards.

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  • Performance

    Our Appetite Score feature, which aggregates all digital and social insights, calculates a country-specific score between 1-100 indicative of a title’s performance. The scores change daily to reflect each title’s current level of popularity.

    Killing Eve - Appetite Score
  • International Popularity and Demand

    The Signal platform also calculates a Global Appetite Score for each title, indicative of a title’s overall international performance - effectively gauging popularity and demand worldwide.

    Global Appetite Score - for International Blurb
  • Compare

    Compare and contrast across top performing television shows using torrent data, indexed search volume, and more.

    Read more in this case study about Killing Eve.

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  • Content Tracking

    See not only keywords but actual emotive responses to specific pieces of content or to a brand generally. Topics can be pre trained to match any operational criteria.

  • Engagement

    • What are people searching for?
    • Which specific elements are working?
    • Why are people engaging?
    • Know quickly when the conversation is shifting / be warned before it’s too late to affect the conversation.
  • Identify Trends

    You can easily use the Signal platform to identify trends in genre, production companies, distribution, talent, and more. To see how our insights can be leveraged, check out our 2018 TV Insights Report

    TV Trends - Placeholder

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