YouGov TV Capabilities

Distinct Features

Demand and Appetite Tracking For Linear and SVOD Titles

Track appetite and impact of any episode airing in relation to 36 different metrics across 40+ geographies across any platform. Sync historical and contemporary shows by airing start date or any specific season and compare shows against industry standards.

Appetite Score Sync By Any Season
  • Multi-Platform Content & Program Tracking

    Measure pre-release data to gauge the anticipation and performance of any show regardless of distribution channel to gauge consumer attitude and viewership.

    Select any time frame or network to compare historical data to new data.

    Multi-Platform Content & Program Tracking
  • Demographic Data

    Our tool will allow you to discover who your audiences are (age/gender) either track by title or by entire network.

    This will enable you to forecast demographic and behavior graphic insights in near real-time around people who engage with TV shows, movies and actors pre-release and post release.

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  • Sentiment Analysis of All Online Conversation

    With an accuracy rate of 93% we provide sentiment that isn’t B.S.

    Why is ours so good?

    Focused on precision instead of breadth. Our supervised Natural Language Processing (NLP) model uses modern, state-of-the-art deep-learning models, and training sets carefully labelled by humans through a unique process we developed and is tagged three ways: sentiment, emotion & topics

    • Understand sentiment around new shows when trailers are released - compare to competitors
    • Measure sentiment shifts throughout a season against competitors
    • Track sentiment around tentpole events
  • Brand Affinities

    YouGov Signal tracks over 6,500 entities across TV, Movies, Brands & more so our tool can correlate affinities within sectors, or across entities.

    Find out what brands & other content are most liked by specific audiences.

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  • International Popularity and Demand

    The YouGov Signal platform also calculates a Global Appetite Score for each title, a country-specific score between 1-100 that change daily to reflect each title’s current level of popularity. Tracking Global Appetite across 34 countries.

    Global Appetite Score - for International Blurb
  • Trailer Analysis Linked Directly to Content

    With our text-based trailer analysis, we can crawl the feedback and comments on any piece of content and tie this back to a particular scene, providing clients with actionable feedback on individual elements of a teaser/trailer.

  • Social & Digital Content Engagement

    We track all publicly available posts and those from your own Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

    Track engagement, reaction, post-level analysis and determine which posts deserve the most ad spend and promotion.

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  • Identify Trends

    You can easily use the YouGov Signal platform to identify trends in genre, production companies, distribution, talent, and more. To see how our insights can be leveraged, check out our 2018 TV Insights Report

    Pre-Release Trends Report: The Mandalorian

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