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YouGov Signal is a comprehensive analytics platform for tracking digital expression of opinions. We are industry agnostic, featuring the online data of thousands of brands, products, sports teams, games, actors, films and television shows. We aggregate all of this digital and social data into one place for our client, apply complex Machine Learning, text analysis, and competitive benchmarking to make sense of and contextualize everything. We pair this with agency-like customer service so you won't ever have to struggle to find your Signal in the noise.

46+ Digital & Social Data Feeds
Digital & Social Data Feeds

Dynamic metrics applied across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, RED, IMDB, Product Reviews, Search, News, and many more

39 Countries

We crawl global data across 39 different geographies

6,500+ Tracked Entities
Tracked Entities

Brands, Products, People, TV shows, Movies, Topics and adding more every day at no additional cost

What Makes YouGov Signal Different

Simply tracking digital and social data sources is not enough to discover meaningful insights into the opinions expressed by people online. The Signal platform collects data from all relevant sources and aggregates the stats into digestible quantitative metrics. We thoroughly analyze the text and conversation so that you can immediately pull insights - and find the Signal in the noise. With our dedicated team of data scientists assigned to your account, its like having an entire new team of researchers. In other words, we do the searching so you don't have to.

  • Built For Unique Client Needs

    Every client has slightly different needs and our insight extraction technology is built around this: dashboards and automated reports that can be configured to meet your needs, data sources that are specific to your industry, and custom topic analysis around the issues that are pertinent to you.

  • Leveraging YouGov's Panel & Global Insights

    Signal is part of YouGov's suite of products. With a panel of 6 million members, YouGov is the largest global public opinion and data company with the richest and most in depth data. Unlike every other social intelligence tool we are able leverage this data to enrich our insights and provide wholistic analytics to our clients.

  • With an accuracy rate of 93% we provide sentiment that isn’t B.S.

    Why is ours so good?

    Our supervised Natural Language Processing (NLP) model uses modern, state-of-the-art deep-learning models, and training sets carefully labelled by humans through a unique process we developed.

  • Full Service Offering

    As part of YouGov's full-service promise Signal offers agency-like professional services to our clients, at no additional cost. We do the searching for you, both by having unlimited access to our team of expert data scientists and with custom reporting. Each client is at a minimum assigned a dedicated Client Services Manager, a Data Researcher and Analyst and has access to YouGov's expertise to get the most out of our data.

  • Industry Specific Sentiment & Topic Analysis

    Few digital and social listening tools allow you to understand customer needs down to a feature level. Even fewer break these insights out by filtering against sector-specific topics. Using sentiment & topic analysis Signal can identify and pull out insights for any product or SKU regardless of the sector and customize the filters to fit your needs.


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Signal sits among the world-class data products of YouGov. Full Service research, powered by the world's largest connected data set. Being part of the YouGov Family means our clients benefit from a global company with the best data and the best tools, superior customer service and unprecedented access to the largest number of insights in market research.

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