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Use Case: Sony Universal, The Good Doctor TV Show

On the YouGov Signal platform, Sony’s research team is able to track the performance of various television shows, the interest in its actors and the success of its marketing campaigns. As a result of seeing how the TV show performed against competitors, Sony is better able to refine the audiences reactions who are exposed to the show. YouGov Signal can also provide them with pre-release lead-in data to gauge the anticipation and performance of the show.

Digital Pulse

How did the show The Good Doctor perform over time, across geographies, and when?


On the YouGov Signal platform, Sony is able to see performance of the show in various locations, comparing the global appetite score to each individual geographic score. Sony is also able to track the success of digital campaigns:



Who is watching the show, and how do they feel about episode content and actors?


Using neural network transference machine learning to deep dive into text, topic and emotional analysis, YouGov Signal as able to help Sony identify the key emotions, drivers and responses around every episode, the actors and various ad campaigns. Using this custom topic analysis, Sony is then better able understand its viewership response and specific feedback their audience is giving.


Context is key, so understanding how The Good Doctor is performing against some of its competitors, or historically similar shows, is a way of benchmarking its performance. On the YouGov Signal platform, Sony is able to sync the data by Season 1 air date, compare the success and response of the show, over time, against The Alienist, American Crime Story, The X-Files, Beyond and High Maintenance.


The result of use case study is to convey how Sony has access to digital data in whatever form they choose.

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