Distinct Features

For Brands

Brand analysis is easily conducted because Signal is sector agnostic so our intelligence tool is relevant for thousands for brands across hundreds of sectors.

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Intelligent Analysis

Drive sales with the focusing on the right product development

Easily monitor your marketing decisions with detailed analysis of consumer responses

Analyze consumer sentiment in greater detail, based on industry specific operational categories

Listen and engage with customers to drive loyalty and satisfaction

  • Data Rich

    Incorporate all sources, including social media, review sites, YouGov survey data and any other internal data.

  • Full Service Offering

    AKA "lots of hand-holding". We know sometimes you don't have the time for yet another dashboard. At YouGov we get that, which is why Signal offers agency-like professional services to our clients, at no additional cost. Need a report ASAP? No problem. Each client is at a minimum assigned a dedicated Client Services Manager, a Data Researcher and an Analyst and has access to YouGov's expertise to get the most out of our data. We'll do the searching for you.

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