Use Signal to Refine Your Ad Sales Strategy

Trend & Marketplace Analysis

  • Trend & Marketplace Analysis

    Signal can help understand the ecosystem of an entire sector, pre or post-launch of a specific content piece or partnership.  Benchmark data & track individual brand lift, exposure, and share of voice in their sector.

    Cars - Positive Sentiment for Trend & Marketplace Analysis

Actionable Insights

  • Ad-Sales Marketplace Strategy Research (+6,500 Entities Across 50 Sectors)

    Find out which campaigns resonated and which didn’t. Uncover what specifically inspired positive or negative sentiment and understand what makes your audience tick.

    Cadillac Sentiment

Persuasive Data for Positioning

  • Optimization of Marketing Channels (Across 34+ Data Sources)

    Our demographic, psychographic, and media consumption insights empower authentic audience analysis - and enable you to target the most fitting advertisers.

    Tesla demographic #1
Compelling Story & Content Development

Develop Compelling Stories & Content

  • Effective Tracking of Any Digital Campaigns

    Authentically gauge the efficacy and after-effect of client content and campaigns. Utilize our historical and real-time data to continuously improve strategy and enhance ad sales.

    Fixed Public Feeling for Cadillac
Marketplace Analysis: TV Ads

Marketplace Analysis: TV Ads

Insights to guide advertisement & promotional decisions

  • Streaming Shows (SVOD)

    Compare performance of episodic and streaming show advertisements. Measure impact and popularity of shows pre-release.

    Appetite Score Comparison - Killing Eve, Fleabag, and Discovery of Witches
  • International Sales

    Signal metrics such as Torrenting can show pre-release buzz in territories where rights have not yet been sold. 

    Signal - Torrenting
  • Ancillary Ratings Data

    Signal data can be considered ancillary to ratings. Our platform displays total digital engagement as opposed to just viewership - and can prove useful in territories where ratings data is fallible or unavailable.

    Facebook fans and chatter - Killing Eve
  • Catalogue Titles + Reboots

    Track spikes in audience interest for catalogue titles - and plan effective ad-engagement.

    Friends Overview - Catalogue

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