Portent for Theatrical Marketers and Researchers

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Digital and Survey Tracking

  • Track your movie’s performance daily across 13+ territories using digital signal. See how your marketing efforts affect performance in real time across: Search, Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.
  • In partnership with YouGov, we have market-leading surveys. Our 500 daily completes (!) give unparalleled resolution into how specific audiences are responding. Furthermore, YouGov’s extensive online panel, allows you to explore segments based on behaviors, social-media usage, actor affinity, as well as standard demographics.
  • Understand the sentiment and conversation across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using our proprietary sentiment engine, custom-built for Film & TV.
https:// app.portentio.com

Forecast Performance & Discover Your Audiences

Combining our survey and digital data we’ve built dynamic forecasting models to discover how marketing is impacting performance.

Through our partnership with YouGov’s Profiles we're able to help media teams plan their marketing campaigns by mining audiences around comp. movies and actors.

We can further identify specific moviegoers to activate your marketing campaigns against on Facebook, Twitter, AdSense, and Instagram. This provides the greatest marketing ROI.

Optimize and Track Your Digital Marketing

Our platform helps you track and compare the efficiency of each piece of digital marketing, from a Facebook post to a worldwide trailer. Go beyond basic self reported metrics to see which pieces of content are driving real engagement.

We can show you in real time how your content is reaching audiences: for example, we can tell you how a Snapchat post is raising awareness.

Our AI algorithms can further optimise media spend, cadence and targeting of each piece of content on a territory by territory basis.

https:// app.portentio.com

Custom Analytics / Research

We’re able to tailor our Data Science and Audience discovery platform to each client’s needs and workflows. We’re also able to conduct custom research work including but not limited to:

  • Online trailer testing
  • Acquisition modeling
  • Sales modeling
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Talent testing
  • Concept testing
  • Book rights discovery
  • Building custom user databases

If you have needs or questions not mentioned here, let us know and we can most likely help!