Games Use Case

In this use case, YouGov Signal will convey how our platform can track the digital pulse of a brand, Riot Games, and one of their most successful products, League of Legends. The aim was to see how the Riot Games brand and League of Legends game performed against competitors and how YouGov Signal can help to better refine the audience exposed to their games. YouGov Signal is also able to provide sentiment and geographic-specific data to gauge the anticipation of specific launch events that occurred throughout the year, and to discover where their largest fan bases actually are.

Digital Pulse

How did the Riot Games brand and League of Legends game perform over time, across geographies, and when?
Tracking the online performance of the game and brand through the digital interaction in various locations, comparing the index search volume and correlating this to various marketing campaigns is how we can take a pulse. We use a combination of text and semantics analysis across aggregated search, twitter, YouTube, Facebook, wiki, news and survey data to achieve this.



Who is following the League of Legends game and Riot Games brand, and how do they feel about it and its players?

Using neural network transference machine learning to deep dive into text, topic and emotional analysis. YouGov Signal is able to help Riot Games identify the key emotions, drivers and responses around every game, the players and various ad campaigns. Using custom topic analysis we can understand specific keywords used by audiences, track responses according to pre-specified topics and sort by the range of emotions expressed.



Context is key, so sector specific digital comparisons can help make sense of audience behavior. In this case, benchmarking Riot Games's performance is easy by comparing e.g. its Indexed-Search volume and Wikipedia volume against their competitors. Further context lies in correlating the performance over time with marketing campaigns. In this data set, you will see Riot Games compared against top competitors like Blizzard Entertainment, 505 Games, Motiga and EA Games.